Kenneth Smith originally from South Africa established Barefoot Safaris in 1992 to fill a niche in the adventure travel market specifically catering for the needs of the more adventurous traveller within the sub-region of Central, Eastern and Southern Africa. Barefoot is a small safari operator, totally committed to eco tourism and conservation with a responsible travel code.


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Barefoot Safaris offers Africa at a spitting distance, with scheduled departures as well as tailor-made safaris to: -


· Malawi

· Tanzania

· Zambia

· Mozambique

· Botswana

· Namibia

· South Africa

· Swaziland

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Why Barefoot Safaris & Adventure Tours?


· We are local.

· We are African.

· We use locally owned and run accommodation.

· We use local produce.

· We support local initiatives such as conservation and schools.

· We believe in ecotourism

· We have a responsible Travel Code

BAREFOOT SAFARIS & Adventure Tours

Discover the Africa of your dreams on a Barefoot Safaris Adventure

Welcome to the home of ….

BAREFOOT SAFARIS & Adventure Tours

Barefoot Safaris is a Member of the Malawi Tourism Association

Within Malawi, adventure pursuits such as horse riding, trekking, mountain climbing, kayaking on Lake Malawi and sailing, walking and mobile safaris are all available. We can even arrange self-drive safaris or 4x4 hire options.

We also offer a number of full or half day trips in Malawi from our base in Lilongwe.

We are proud of our links with the local community and dedicated to supporting worthy projects, such as the upgrading of rural schools and building houses in local villages

Barefoot Safaris liaise with other operators to establish the best combination to make a holiday memorable. We provide a fast and efficient response to individual needs and children are very welcome on many of our tours. We use only professional and fully qualified guides and all our English speaking personnel are trained to help make your holiday a safe and special adventure.

If you are interested in any of our trips please contact us

Barefoot Safaris & Adventure Tours offers small group, bespoke Safaris from as little as US $1,800 per person to Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana & South Africa & Swaziland











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With the ‘Golden Age’ of discovery long since past, most of the world's surface mapped in detail and motorised transport, satellite phones and GPS receivers readily available, one would think it was time for explorers to hang up their pith helmets. But rather than consigning exploration to the dustbin of history, we at Barefoot Safaris have redefined it with adventure travel. So join us in re-exploring the unmapped regions of Africa.

Our mission is to share our knowledge and love of this wonderful continent. Our Safaris take you to the real Africa, giving you the opportunity to feel, touch and smell Africa.

Barefoot Safaris is registered in both Zambia and in Malawi, with Offices in South Africa and Perth. However we are based in Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe.

Barefoot Safaris specialises in small group adventure and photographic tours. We also offer safaris with an emphasis on walking or trekking and for the more experienced traveller we offer individually designed itineraries.



Established 1992








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