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Moto Moto Museums, Mbala, Zambia


Father Jean Jacques Corbeil, French-Canadian Catholic Missionary founded the museum and named it Moto Moto (fire, fire) after Bishop Joseph Dupont whose incessant pipe smoking habit earned him the 'Moto Moto' nickname.

The museum was established by the National Museums Board through the Act of Parliament, Cap 267 of 1966 of the Zambian Laws. It was officially opened in 1974 when it became one of the national museums of Zambia managed by the National Museums Board of Zambia. Co-operation partners such as SIDA, NORAD, DANIDA, German Government and other well wishers financially supported its development and still continue to render support to its continued existence.

Collection Composition:

The museum collection is in the fields of Ethnography and Art, Prehistory, History and Natural History. The museum which is mainly ethnographic exhibits material and social culture of northern Zambia. Its prehistory collection provides a record of Kalambo Falls, archaeological site finds, which included the oldest evidence of the use of fire by man in Sub-Sahara Africa. The history section exhibits pre-colonial, colonial and past colonial themes. Among its services it offers research, education services and a craft shop where visitors buy a variety of indigenous souvenirs.

Contact Address:

Director:  Moto Moto Museum, P O Box 420230, MbalaZambia

Tel/Fax:  260 04 21 450243