Barefoot Safaris Photo Album

Photographs by Kenneth "Barefoot" Smith

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Mrs Josey cooking breakfast whilst wilderness camping in Kafue NP, Zambia
Wilderness camping: Kafue NP
Game drive/viewing at Kafue NP, Zambia
Game Drive: Kafue NP
Malawian, cyclist, Malawi<br><br>
Malawian Cyclist
Malawian, Malawi
Malawi street vendors, Malawi
Street Vendors
This photograph was snapped whilst waiting to cross the Zambezi on the way to Liuwa Plains NP in Western Zambia
Zambezi Fisherman
Lapped faced vulture, Luiwa Plains NP, western Zambia - November'05<br>
Lapped Faced Vulture
Game viewing in Sioma Ngwezi in western Zambia
Game viewing: Sioma Ngwezi NP
Local hunter, western Zambia<br>
Local Hunter: Western Zambia
Game viewing at Sioma Ngwezi in Western Zambia
Game viewing: Sioma Ngwezi NP
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