From the astounding wild and bird life to the adrenaline choking Victoria Falls, Zambia & Botswana beckon to the intrepid and the adventurous.

We will stand in awe at one of man’s greatest feats: Lake Kariba. Crossing the mighty Zambezi River we are able to follow in Livingstone’s footsteps as we embark on a journey through a land of mighty contrast, wonderful hospitality and unique wildlife.

We visit the Central Kalahari Game Reserve which was only opened for tourism a few years ago, heading for Piper Pan where we set up our camp. Best known as Deception Valley this 52,000 sq km reserve, Africa‘s largest protected area, sprawls across the flat and nearly featureless heart of Botswana. The 80km long fossil valley is one of the reserve‘s most prominent features. Three other valleys; the Okwa; the Ouoxo and the Passarge, bring a geographical relief to this vast remote and virtually undisturbed expanse. Although rivers once ran through these valleys, they ceased flowing over 16,000 years ago. In addition to providing wildlife habitats, the dunes and fossil valleys of the Central Kalahari are home to the few remaining San and Bakgalakgadi who choose to pursue a traditional hunting and gathering lifestyle. We explore this vast dry wilderness through game drives and by nature walks. Best of all we will enjoy a sundowner or two whilst looking at the setting sun.

Botswana, despite its natural bounty and the magnificent landscapes trampled by some of Africa’s finest wild herds, remains all but unvisited by independent travellers. Endless miles of untouched wilderness simply invites adventure.

So, Dumela Rra, Dumela Mma.


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Zambia & Botswana: Continent of Africa

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African Proverbs

“The man who wanted to gather too much honey was stung by the bees”

“He is so poor that he lacks everything; even sleep”

He who wants rain must put up with wind”

“The Axe forgets but not the tree”

“Two cocks in a hen-house never crow”

“The fool wanders, a wise man travels












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