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Kenneth Smith



Office Tel: (+27) 7346 29232
Skype: barefootsafaris.ken



Barefoot Safaris is a Member of the Malawi Tourism Association

BAREFOOT SAFARIS & Adventure Tours

Discover the Africa of your dreams on a Barefoot Safaris Adventure

Established 1992


1157 Aspen Drive, Dainfern

Johannesburg, 2191

South Africa

Marina Booysen

Operations Manager


Office Tel: (+27) 7346 29232

Emergency Tel: (+27) 7863 09734




Elywin Kambani

Safari Guide (Grade 1)


Elwyn runs Barefoot Safari lodge in Lilongwe and also leads safaris in Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique. He is a qualified grade 1 safari guide with a passion for wildlife. Elwyn is fluent in English, Chichewa, Nyanja, Tumbuka, Tonga  and understands Swahili.

Elywin is great fun to travel with and dedicated to making your safari a trip to remember.



Why Barefoot Safaris & Adventure Tours?


 We are local.

 We are African.

 We use locally owned and run accommodation.

 We use local produce.

 We support local initiatives such as conservation and schools.

 We believe in ecotourism

 We have a responsible Travel Code









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