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South Africa & Swaziland

 22 Days Land Only (4045) (SA)

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South Africa

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Think of South Africa and think – Wildlife, mountains, deserts, oceans and ocean life, stunning scenery, amazing history, world beating wines and fantastic food.

Whatever your needs may be, with our excellent up market accommodation and unspoiled wilderness safaris here in South Africa, we are the tour company to assist you. We at Barefoot Safaris have tailored made tours and safaris to suit all your travelling expectations to this special country; below are some of our highlights.

South Africa, roughly the size of Spain and France combined, encompasses an astonishing diversity of environments; from the dramatic arid moon shapes of the north west to the forest fringed coastline of the Garden Route, from the flat dry Karoo interior to the craggy Drakensburg in the east and the manicured vineyards of the Cape to the spring flower field of the Namaqualand.

South Africa is the only country in the world that can lay claim to an entire floral kingdom within its borders. South Africa long coastline stretches more than 2,500Km from the desert border with Namibia on the Atlantic coast, southwards around the tip of Africa, then north to the border with subtropical Mozambique on the Indian Ocean. On this safari we tread in the footsteps of the early pioneers through a land of spectacular scenery and unparalleled hospitality.

Not only does South Africa have lots of sunshine it also has more animal species than north and South America combined, or Europe and Asia added together. On a Barefoot safari you can view, in their natural haunts, “The Big Five” – elephant, lion, leopard, rhinoceros and buffalo – or be shown “The Sea Big Five”- Right Whale, Great White Shark, endangered Bottle nosed Dolphin, Blue Marlin and Tuna. Look, also, for “The Little Five” – elephant shrew, ant lion, rhinoceros beetle, buffalo weaver and leopard tortoise. We at Barefoot can also introduce you to the South Africa's history and rich cultural heritage. Did you know that

South Africa has produced seven Nobel Prize winners (for Peace, Literature and Medicine). But that is not all; South Africa is the only country with an entire floral kingdom within its borders. The tiny Cape Floral Kingdom has at least 8,578 flowers – the richest variety on earth. Altogether, South Africa has 23,200 plant species – a greater variety than that of the entire northern half of the planet.

Kruger & Cape Town

11 Days Land Only (4023) (KC)


Pilanesberg National Park

1 Day Land Only

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