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Why Barefoot Safaris & Adventure Tours?


· We are local.

· We are African.

· We use locally owned and run accommodation.

· We use local produce.

· We support local initiatives such as conservation and schools.

· We believe in ecotourism

· We have a responsible Travel Code

Barefoot Special Offers

Barefoot Safaris is a Member of the Malawi Tourism Association

African Proverbs

“The man who wanted to gather too much honey was stung by the bees”

“He is so poor that he lacks everything; even sleep”

He who wants rain must put up with wind”

“The Axe forgets but not the tree”

“Two cocks in a hen-house never crow”

“The fool wanders, a wise man travels







Best of Kruger & Mpumalanga (KM)

USD 1,415 per person sharing (minimum 4 people).

Less than four travellers… please ask for our rates.

Offer Valid from 1st October 2015 to 31st October 2015

Kruger National Park and Mpumalanga (KM)

(8 DAYS LAND ONLY) Lodge Safari




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