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Travel Advice for TANZANIA:


Name: United Republic of Tanzania.

Capital: Dodoma.

Population: 44,928,923 people.

Area: 945,203  sq km

Time:  3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time all year round


Climate and Seasonality:

Tanzania has a generally comfortable, tropical climate year-round, although there are significant regional variations. Along the warmer and humid coast, the climate is determined in large part by the monsoon winds, which bring rains in two major periods. During the masika (long rains), from mid-March to May, it rains heavily almost every day, although seldom for the whole day, and the air can get unpleasantly sticky. The lighter mvuli (short rains) fall during November, December and sometimes into January. Inland, altitude is a major determinant of conditions. The central plateau is somewhat cooler and arid, while in the mountainous areas of the northeast and southwest, temperatures occasionally drop below 15°C at night during June and July, and it can rain at any time of year. The coolest months countrywide are from June to October and the warmest from December to March.


What to pack:

Sunblock, sun hat and good quality sunglasses

Camera with waterproof/dustproof bag/cover

Good walking shoes (tennis shoes are fine)

Malaria tablets (if applicable)

Warm Anorak or Parka and scarf / gloves for winter


Download Packing list in PDF



Health and Safety:

TANZANIA is a friendly country; however, it is sensible to take basic precautions whilst travelling anywhere in the world. We advise that you ask your Barefoot guide, Tourist Information Officers, camp/lodge and hotel staff and local residents about areas to avoid.


Safaris camps and lodges in Malawi are situated in malaria-risk areas; please consult your medical practitioner regarding any anti-malarial. Please check with your health department/travel clinic prior to departure, in the event there have been changes in the health regulations of the country you are visiting.


Passports and Visas:

Visitors to Africa must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond your intended departure date, together with onward travel documents, proof of accommodation and sufficient funds for the duration of your stay. Please also ensure that you have sufficient blank visa pages (not endorsement pages) in your passport, with at least 2 consecutive/side by side blank pages. Our recommendation is 3 pages (or even 4 if you are travelling through more than one country on your journey).


Please speak to your Africa specialist to ensure that you have any appropriate travel documentation before departing on safari.


Banks and Foreign Exchange:

TANZANIA banks, as well as most camps and lodges/hotels, accept US Dollars, GBP Sterling, Euro and South African Rand in cash. MasterCard and Visa are usually accepted throughout Malawi, but Diners Club and American Express are not. The currency is the Tanzania  (TS).



Swahili and English are the official languages; however the former is the national language.


Recommended Reading:

We recommend the following books specific to the Tanzania region.

A guide to the Fishes of Lake Malawi - Lewis, Reinthal and Tendall

Malawi - Lake of the Stars - Frank Johnson

Birds of Africa south of the Sahara - Ian Sinclair, Peter Ryan

Kingdon Pocket Guide to African Mammals - Jonathan Kingdon

The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals - Jonathan Kingdon

Tanzania  The Bradt Travel Guide - Philip Briggs

Behaviour Guide to African Mammals - Richard Estes

Field Guide to the larger mammals of Africa - Chris & Tilde Stuart

Through the Dark Continent : Vol 1 : Henry Morton Stanley

Through the Dark Continent : Vol 2 : Henry Morton Stanley

Life of Frederick Courtenay Selous : J.G. Millais

Konigsberg : A German East African Raider : Kevin Patience

Serengeti Shall Not Die : Bernhard Grzimek



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